Random notes

Domoticz for Alpine!! Tue Jan 05 2021
Domoticz 'cross' compiles for Alpine musl on voidlinux desktop
Nice GIT status page Wed Sep 02 2020
A nice and simple git status page with minimal system footprint
Cross compile Domoticz updated Mon Apr 27 2020 Sun Mar 08 2020
Domoticz 2020.2 cross compiling for a Raspberry Pi 2 armv7l on x86_64 in minutes instead of hours; updated from 2020.1
Flatpak multi-user Steam on Linux Sat Apr 04 2020
Finally found a simple, clean and working solution for running steam multi-user on Linux! using flatpak!!
Weerlive api for Domoticz via dzVents Wed Jun 26 2019
Adding dutch weerlive.nl weather API as replacement for the stopped weather underground or less reliable darksky in Domoticz using dzVents
Toon for Domoticz via dzVents updated Wed Jun 26 2019 Tue Jun 11 2019
Implementation of the new Toon API for Domoticz via dzVents; official Toon account and Toon developer account required
Linux timed access Sat Jun 01 2019
restrict users login times on linux using PAM
Gnome keyring auto login Sat Jun 01 2019
auto login gnome keyring in xfce
Firefox gtk darktheme tweak Sat Jun 01 2019
Firefox gtk darktheme tweak
SSH knock knock Sun Feb 10 2019
or how to run a ssh server on the internet protecting the ssh port with a two step knock approach using iptables firewall rules
Secure git repository with gitcrypt Sun Feb 10 2019
store api keys, secrets etc gpg encrypted in your git repo using git-crypt
Steam multiuser setup for Linux Sun Jan 13 2019
see alternative via flatpak; setup steam for multiple users sharing steam install and downloads
New Machine Sat Dec 22 2018
Something about my new machine
Buienradar for Domoticz Wed Dec 27 2017
Domoticz api rain sensor based on buienrader NL
Afvalwijzer (garbage collection) notifications in domoticz Wed Dec 27 2017
Domoticz lua implementation polling and notifications for afvalwijzer.nl